The cats are the main villains of the duo, they appear to be as advanced as the dogs, seeing as the twohave been battling over the course of thousands of years, 

Cats & DogsEdit

The featured cats in this are Mr TinklesThe RussianCalico,The Ninjas, and Red at the beginning,

The cats are the main antagonist's of the first movie, the film follows a young agent named Lou, who is faced with a dangerous mission to stop a rouge feline named Mr Tinkles, the cats base is a large haunted looking house, this is Mr. Tinkles's home.      

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore Edit

  • Cats
  • Kitty's satellite
  • Paws (robot)
  • Tab lazenby
  • Catherine's nieces
  • Catherine (with newspaper)
  • Tab talking to Lou
  • Meows (Mousers enforcing our world's safety)
  • The ninjas
  • The russian
  • The Brigadier
  • Catherine (bat wings)
  • Paws

The featured cats in this movie are Catherine, Kitty Galore, Tab Lazenby, Paws,The MacDougall twins, and Calico. this film follows the danger prone new agent named Diggs. who is recruited by D.O.G.S to track down and take down Kitty Galore, who is going to use her device to drive all dogs completely insane.

Cats that appear in both moviesEdit

Mr Tinkles, Calico,  


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