Cluster two

The dogs are the main protagonists of the duo of movies, they are highly advanced and fight their enemies the cats,

Cats and DogsEdit

The dogs are the good guys in this movie as well as in the second, The plot follows a new agent beagle named Lou, whose job is to protect the Brody family home from cat invaders, the head of the Brody family, professor Brody, has come up with a cure for dog allergies, and its up to Lou to keep it safe. along with his partners, ButchPeek, and Sam.       

Cats and Dogs the revenge of kitty GaloreEdit

  • The Dogs
  • Sam
  • Slim
  • Dog training
  • The mail dog
  • Diggs
  • Lou
  • Diggs
  • Dog agent monitoring the world
  • Diggs
  • Ivy
  • Butch
  • Peek

A rouge agent of M.E.O.W.S has come up with a master scheme to get rid of all dogs, and its up to the new rookie at dog HQ Diggs, to take her down, on the way him and Butch meet a cat named Catherine, a agent from M.E.O.W.S, (This is the first time M.E.O.W.S is mentioned) on the same mission as them, and decide to take her with them, together they stop Kitty Galore.   

Dogs that appear in both moviesEdit

Butch , Peek SamLou


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