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Catherine, aka Agent 47 is the tritagonist in Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore.


She is a sleek gray cat with alley cat smarts and an attitude to match.


She is a driven, no-nonsense agent of M.E.O.W.S. who cares greatly for humans and also dislikes dogs till she met Diggs and Butch. She also seems compassionate when she listened to Diggs' backstory and loyal when she told Diggs that she wasn't going to leave him behind. In the end, when she was asked if she wanted to work with Diggs and the others she happily accepted, saying she couldn't say 'no'. Catherine is a feisty, sassy, yet kindhearted Russian Blue cat.


Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

She brought Diggs to her house and her nieces receives him well, not afraid as the M.E.O.W.S staff was. After playing with her nieces, Diggs tells Catherine about his past as she offers to take out and Spike that injured his paw. Having pity for Diggs, Catherine tells him that he deserved more than a dog kennel.





Tab Lazenby

Kitty Galore


  • "But Kitty, I can't swim!"


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  • She is a Russian Blue.
  • She used to be afraid of water, but conquered the fear when she had to dive down to the bottom of a water tank to retrieve Diggs' collar so she could pick the lock on his chains.
  • Catherine is an agent from M.E.O.W.S.
  • She is also an ally who works with the dogs.
  • She has owners who lives in San Francisco.
  • She has a sister and 6 nieces.
  • During the scene at Alcatraz, it was hinted that she has relationship issues with her father, or he may have been murdered by someone.
  • Catherine is the second Russian Blue cat to appear in the Cats and Dogs series, the first being the Russian from the first movie.
  • It is unknown why Catherine is not Russian, despite her being a Russian Blue cat.
  • Despite them both being on opposite sides, Catherine may have a relation to the Russian from the first movie, since they are the same type of cat.
  • At some point in the movie, Catherine lets Diggs visit her nieces.
  • Agent 47 is also the name of the main protagonist of the video game series 'HITMAN'
  • It is unknown how Mr. Tinkles knows Catherine's name without her showing up.
  • During Mr. Tinkles's talk with her, it is implied that Mr. Tinkles is Catherine's father.