Sphynx Alien



Voiced by:

Nolan North


Founder of the Feline Liberation Front


The Silver Family
Feline Liberation Front




The Silver Residence


Cats and Dogs: Syndicate

Jasper was the main antagonist in Cats & Dogs: Syndicate, and is the founder of the Feline Liberation Front.


Boss (Feline Liberation Front, Mr. Tinkles, Jasper's Goons), Sewer Rat (Butch), Grizzly Gargoyle (Tab Lazenby).


Jasper took up residence in the home of London's most notorious kingpin, Jack Silver, and after Jack died from old age, Jasper secretly took over for his owner.

Jasper plotted to use Jack's company to orchestrate his plans for world domination, including the destruction of D.O.G.S.; planning to rid humanity of dogs as he calls them an "Infestation".

The suave and sophisticated Sphynx cat also had a gang of feline mobsters and goons on his side. He even has a large thug who's brute strength outclasses Butch and Diggs (a black panther).

After his plan was thwarted, he had already fled the scene on Jack's private jet and took up residence in Paris France.

At some point, he would be visited by one of his old friends, Mr. Tinkles. He came to Jasper in his hideout in the Eiffel Tower, hoping to strike a deal with his former boss (that deal being that he'll take over England and wreak havoc, if it's okay with him, so Jasper and his band of hoods can take over America). After being reminded that America had beaten England centuries in George Washington's period, Jasper agrees and flies his private jet to America, where he takes up residence in Washington D.C.

Sometime after having Kitty Galore lured in by his characteristic charm, Jasper hacked D.O.G.S and M.E.O.W.S system to challenge his enemies to a "game of sport", saying that Washington D.C has been planted with multiple bombs and will detonate on New Years Eve.

During the final fight with Jasper on the Arlington Memorial Bridge, Butch used a bomb to blow up the bridge, causing the cats of the Feline Liberation Front to plummet into the water, where they were eaten alive by sharks. Butch says to Jasper that "he betrayed Queen Elizabeth", and used one of his cigars to burn Jasper's eye, then Jasper falls into the jaws of a great white, concluding his death.


  • Jasper's death was exaggerated in another upcoming Cats & Dogs film with Jasper climbing aboard a fishing boat.
  • According to a YouTube video, Mr. Tinkles explained that Jasper's great, grandfather was the cat owned by Jack the Ripper, a famous serial killer of 1800's London.