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Lou is the main protagonist of Cats & Dogs and supporting character of its sequel Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. He is a beagle who is the head of D.O.G.S., even though he refused to be an agent at the end of the first film when he was still a puppy.




Cats & Dogs

Lou first appears as a puppy along with other beagle puppies in a farm. While all the other puppies seek a comfortable home, Lou seeks adventure. Lou tries to jump out the window but fails, and his siblings laugh. Soon, D.O.G.S. sends in agents to get a home after receiving the news the Brody family was adopting a puppy there.

When Lou was picked due to a mistake, Butch was sent to train him and partner with him.

In the end, at a Christmas tree factory, he defeated Mr. Tinkles and chose his family over being an agent.

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

Lou has become head of D.O.G.S. and is shown wearing an office uniform for dogs. He is also shown to now have a wife and puppies. He, along with Tab Lazenby, form the alliance between Cats & Dogs to stop the Call of the Wild.



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  • Lou is married and has puppies.
  • We can assume he lives with his wife. We can assume this because he says in the second film "my wife is at the groomers."
  • The statement above may also show he still lives with the Brody family, as who would take his wife to the groomers.