Mr. Mason




Happyville, California




Possibly Alive Or Dead


Mr. Mason's Christmas Tree Shop


Living: Cats and Dogs

Mr. Mason is a supporting deuterogonist  in Cats and Dogs. He lived in a large mansion with his caretaker, Sophie, and his pet cat, Mr. Tinkles,He unknowingly helped set Mr. Tinkles' plan in motion, and almost unknowingly caused the destruction of the special bond between dogs and cats. His body was used as a decoy by Mr. Tinkles and his henchmen in order to allow them to seize control of his Christmas Tree Factory. It is unknown what happened to his body after the events of the first movie, but, since Mr. Brody saved it from the explosion, it can be assumed that he safely escaped the events of the end of the movie and woke up only to find out that his pet cat was evil. Mr. Mason spent the movie in a wheelchair. He was hooked up to IVs and a heart monitor hinting that he is very sick.


Cats and DogsEdit

Mr. Mason is a supporting deuterogonist in Cats and Dogs.

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