The Ninjas are cats sent by Mr. Tinkles to kill Lou.


Originated in the Far East as disciples of the ninja master Whiskanojo Shimewdo. Current ninjas are all trained by his students and are employed as mercenaries worldwide.


Little is known. Because of their strike and retreat tactics, ninjas seldom stay around long enough to develop a profile.


Stealthy and extremely deadly, these teams of Siamese have most often been observed parachuting to their mission locations from remote-controlled drone planes.

Once they hit the ground, they employ a variety of innovative equipment to avoid detection and accomplish their mission. These nisht combat specialists are fierce fighters who are black belts in at least three of the martial arts. Being Ninjas, their weapons of choice is the Ninja Star, a razor-sharp multi-bladed disc they wield with deadly accuracy.

While Ninjas are extremely dangerous, they are also highly proficient in the use of stealth technology, and are often hired for surveillance and counter intelligence purposes.

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