The Russian is a minor antagonist in the 2001 film, Cats & Dogs.

Russian cat

The Russian

The curriculum includes close combat, small arms training, survival skills, espionage, demolition and toxic material administration. Most shocking to those who have observed it though, is The Russian's uncanny ability to cough up hairballs containing weapons and other devices.

Russian Blues who completed their training successfully are sent out as mercenaries, working for cash for Beluga caviar. Those who flunk out are either lined up and shot or used as "practiced prey" for more promising students.

Agents who encountered The Russian, or any Russian Blue, should expect a high level of proficiency with weapons such as boomerang blades, death balls, and plastic explosives.

He was captured by HQ.

It is possible he is the father of Catherine from Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, as they are the same species and apparently The Russian is not on good terms with his daughter because she never visited him in jail.

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You two better say your prayers

He and the scene of fight inside house when other locators help to defeat him, using stuff inside house is an reference to "The Russian" from Punisher.

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  • The Russian's real name was never mentioned in the film. However in, his real name is "Diemitri Kennelkoff."
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